2016-2017 döneminde AFS Programı'yla Fransa, Almanya, Tayland ve Gana gibi birçok ülkeden AFS deneyimi yaşamak için ülkemize gelen öğrencileri uğurladık!

17-19 Haziran tarihlerinde Kapadokya’da gerçekleştirdiğimiz “End of Stay” kampında 10 ay boyunca ailelerin yanında misafir olarak kalarak lise eğitimlerine devam eden AFSliler bir yandan yaşadıkları deneyimi değerlendirip bir yandan da gönüllü aileleriyle vedalaştılar.

Wincent ve Maxcimillian yaşadıkları bu deneyimi bizim için kaleme döktüler.

Wincent Grewer, 10 aylık programa Almanya'dan katıldı.  Adana’da Tarsus Toros Koleji’nde okurken Özkoç  ve Aydıngül Aileleri tarafından konuk edildi.

“My AFS year,

In my AFS year I lived in Turkey for ten months. I lived with three different host families and I loved them all. I met lots of new people and I found a few new friends. These experiences changed my life. I will have a guest from Turkey soon. He will come to my house. All in all I can say it was tiring but very exciting and interesting ten months for me.”


Maxcimillian  Keck de 10 aylık programa Almanya’dan katıldı. Antalya’da Bilge Adam Koleji’nde okurken Atasayar Ailesi tarafından konuk edildi.

“Experience of my exchange year in Turkey

The first what i want to say and what is for me the important is thing in Turkey are the people who are complete different from the Germans. Especially now (15 days after i went back to Germany ) i feel the difference between them extreme. If it is the way how they welcome you or how they speak with you, Turkish people are much more warmly than we Germans.

I remember a situation when i arrived at Turkey and we went for “Kurban Bayramı” to the parents of my host father. There they welcomed me like a child of themselve and i felt immediately at home. Because of this warmly in the türkisch culture its really easy for exchange students to find friends in the class. In Germany we had an exchange students from Slovenia. For him especially it was really hard to get in contact with his classmades, because in the german culter there isnot this warmly and open mind for foreigners.       

Because we have an exchange student from Izmir right now at home, its luckily easyer for me to settle down again. But i feel that i changed me a lot in this 10 month. I mean if you miss as a German olives for the breakfast, than you know something isnot normal."