Call for Participants

Power of Circle will be a training course with a strong sense of community.

We invite you join with us this summer in co-creating a community of learning to explore the idea and uses of circles in education and personal development.

19th to the 26th August of 2017 in Slovakia

What might you gain from this experience?

  • Experiencing the many ways that circle forms work in education and how this can help everyone involved in the process of learning.
  • Inspiration and the confidence to think outside of the box in educational settings.
  • The chance to help create an international and diverse community of enquiry.
  • The skills to be able to facilitate circles in personal and professional life.
  • Knowledge and new ideas through sharing of our educational practice.
  • Reflecting on applying what we learn in the service of our communities, our professional and our personal life.

Target Group

Youth workers, trainers, guides and teachers from formal and non-formal fields of education. Diversity of practitioners can only strengthen our learning on this course.

Eligible Countries

Austria, Czechia, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Turkey

All costs are covered by the project. 

What do we mean by circles?

A specific shape, form, room or setting in which learning takes place. A shape that comes with its own modes and culture of communication with rules based on interest in one another; respect and appreciation to diversity; respect and appreciation towards nature; self-awareness and responsibility for our own boundaries; truthfulness with ourselves and freedom.

Why circles?

  • Circles are inclusive. In circles everyone sees everyone – everyone has an equally good starting position to share their story or their point of view. The circle opens the door for better understanding of social, language and cultural diversity and it gives new techniques to react on them. Therefor circles are great as a tool to deal with heterogeneous groups as well as to show diversity within a seemingly homogenous group.
  • Circles can connect us to the nature and even reveal some ancient magic.
  • Circle strengthen you(th). When this less hierarchical form of communication is used in communication between youthworker and young person it creates a space where the self-esteem and responsibility of the young person can flourish. Settings with less hierarchy also enable age differences to vanish in the sense that everyone is equal and elders can learn from the young as well as the young from the old.

You can find the whole invitation here:

If you are interested to participate, apply here by June 6th of 2017:

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