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Loesje e.V., Berlin

Loesje as an organisation that uses art to participate in social and cultural changes at both local and international level. They use posters with short but strong texts (one-liners), which shine a different light on a particular subject. In addition, Loesje e.V. makes international (youth) projects. Their projects have a wide range of themes and focuses, but are always based on humanistic values and creativity. They work in a small office team in Berlin.

Pfadfinderburg Rieneck

Burg Rieneck is situated above the idyllic small town of Rieneck. It's a unique centre for educational and leisure activities. Youth groups and associations can enjoy a modern but atmospheric location for national and even international meetings and conferences. The volunteer makes sure that everything at the castle runs smoothly. This means handcrafty work like garden and fixing around the house, as well as kitchen work. But a big part of the time will be work with kids and youth groups that need care and guidance for their stay. The volunteer will organize workshops and implement them, advise teachers and guides about the activities around the castle. Also welcoming groups to the castle and leading their stay.They wish for an enthusiastic, postive volunteer, who likes to work with kids and already speaks some German.

Salvador Allende Haus Sozialistisches Bildungszentrum Haard e.V., Oer-Erken-schwick

Salvador-Allende-Haus is a ery big seminar center with accommodation. It's an educational institution that offers an individual education program in from of workshops or seminars for schools, professionals and everyone who is interested. International understanding, freedom, equality, and solidarity are the base for all activities and trainings. They are located at a nature reserve and offer a great landscape. Many acitivities are provided to the visitors, in terms of freedtime, active and fit, group experiences. The volunteer will assist in work around the house, such as practical work in preparing rooms and helping in the kitchen. Also help is needed in caring for visitor groups and guiding them through their stay.

InterCultur gGmbH, Hamburg

InterCultur (a subsidiary of AFS Interkulturelle Begegnungen e.V.) offers intercultural workshops, trainings, and events for organizations, companies, educational institutions, and individuals in need of and interested in enhancing their understanding of other cultures, and who wish to improve their handling of cultural differences. Their work is based on the concept of experiential learning. Since 2010, InterCultur organizes intercultural summer academies in collaboration with academic partners and conducts a certificate course for the qualification as intercultural trainer. Volunteers work in their office to prepare for seminars and courses as well assist during the seminars and working with the groups. The work will require German skills.

dock europe e.V., Hamburg

dock europee.V. is an international education centre which organizes political education projects and international meetings for people who are engaged in the youth welfare sector and social services. Topics are social and educational action in an European immigration society, communication and multilingualism as well as participation and diversity. The building offers 34 beds and seminar rooms for their guests. The volunteer should possess knowledge of the German language and additionally French, be communicative and openminded and show a high level of self-initiative, commitment and responsibility. He or she will be looking after guests and groups, prepare and perform educational activities, seminars and project days for youths and adults, plan, organize and perform international meetings and develop pedagogical and methodical approaches in youth and adult education.

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